I’ll Always Be Your Little Boy

In one of my last posts you’ll remember that I mentioned something about finishing a page, but then finding an error in it. Well it’s taken me a good 2 weeks to get back to revamping the layout. I had it finished a couple times, but due to my program crashing and forgetting to save my completed work – I was back to square one.

I finally took some time this morning and finished it up. I’m still not in love with it, but it’s better than the first go around.

Here’s a look at the first layout:

You’ll notice that I forgot the last ‘l’ in little. The words Little Boy also don’t stand out much. I fixed both those issues and a few more in the completed project:

I decided I didn’t like the frames I had used previously, so I found a couple that came with the kit and used those instead. The alphas that came in the kit were only in blues and pinks, so I recolored it with a paper included in the kit. I think it helps it stand out a bit more.

KIT: If The Crown Fits by Just So Scrappy
FONTS: Rough Typewriter (ALWAYS Word) and LD Vanilla (White Wordstrips)
LAYOUT: Creating Keepsakes – March/April 2010, Page 108

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