Take A Hike

Hold on to your seats, folks…I actually made a layout for no other reason than to just make it. I’m so proud of myself. It has to do with my friends wanting to get together again and scrap. We haven’t done it in months and I’m so glad we got together today. And guess what, we’re getting together again tonight – but I’m going to go back to my roots then and make some traditional layouts. We’ll see if I end up sharing anything. HAHAHA!

Anyway onto today’s completed layout:

Yup, I went back in time and created a layout for the ‘family’ book. Woot. I’m seriously thinking I may be changing my ways and sticking with digital. I’ll get things done so much quicker.

KIT: Quality Time by Trixie Scraps Designs & Armina Designs. (Trixie has recently retired this kit, but it’s still available at Armina’s store.)
TEMPLATE: What’s Your Angle Volume 1 by Trixie Scraps
PICTURES: Personal Photos

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