Family Birthday Board

So awhile back my husband pointed me to this link. The link was a picture of the family birthday boards you see all over Pinterest now. But we saw the thing way before they all started popping up. I took note of it as a good idea for a gift and put the idea aside.

This year for Christmas, I decided it was the perfect gifts for our mother’s. They both loved it. So here are our family birthday boards:

Yes, my family is much bigger than the hubbies…He’s 1 of 3 kids, I’m 1 of 7.

I found most of my supplies at one of my favorite places, The Wood Connection. I’m sure you can find all of them at your local craft store, however. The letters I used for the months, were in my scrapbooking stash for years, same as the ribbons. The twine used I found at Target in their scrapbooking aisle. I’m too lazy to go look at the paint right now for exact colors, but if someone wants to know – I will find it.

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