Labor Day

So I was transferring photos from my memory card to the computer and realized I had never transferred the photos from Labor Day – which also meant I never blogged about it. I’m telling you, with the things that have been going on in my body lately – I’m losing my mind!

Let’s talk about Labor day now, shall we? It was only 2 weeks ago…

Because I was such a wonderful person on the 24th of July, I decided to be a better person and give my hubby the chance to go shooting on Labor Day since I foiled his plans on the 24th. Eric invited my BIL, Cody, my little brother, Logan and my soon to be BIL, Mark.

Cody was going to be out of town, so it was just Eric, Logan and Mark. Well we got to my Mom’s around 12:30, so the guys could go around 1:30 or so. Well the day just wasn’t panning out for Mark and he didn’t get to my parents house until around 3:00.

It all worked out though and the guys went shooting, while the girls helped my sister, Kami with a few wedding plans. I had so much fun being involved with some of the planning and helping my older sister out. We started to get hungry so most of us ate and decided the boys could eat when they got back.

We had fun visiting and then around 7 or 8 we decided to go for a walk. I love taking walks on summer nights. There’s something so peaceful about it. I just wish my body would be in a better position to do so.

Anyway, here are some pictures of our Labor Day:

Just Hanging Out

Outdoor Antics

Night Walk

All pictures were taken by my phone and well, you see what you get…

— Little M. was throwing a fit because Grandma started holding Ailey’s hand…Thankfully the fit didn’t last long and little M was just as content holding Ailey’s hand. —

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