57 Day Photo Challenge: Day 14 – August 30


This is an interesting topic. There’s a few people I could’ve chosen, but instead I chose to go with these two:

The reason for this is because I felt the same way when I was pregnant with both of them. At first I was very anxious and wasn’t sure that I wanted another kid at the time. It took awhile for me to be happy that I was expecting these two and I DID come around. That’s not to say I never wanted them – I just wasn’t sure I wanted them at the time THEY chose to come. But now it’s worked out the way it should.

Lex is the light and comedic relief I need in my life. The fact that almost ANYTHING and EVERYTHING can bring a smile to this boys face is amazing. He loves life, he loves to be around people and he is so creative and inventive. I really couldn’t imagine him not being here.

Ailey is everyone’s favorite. She loves her Daddy and I love to see their interactions. She definitely has Daddy wrapped around her finger. She still wants me too. She loves to snuggle when she’s tired and she likes to laugh. She is following in her older sisters footsteps and is quite intelligent for her age. She never ceases to amaze me.

AND JUST SO WE’RE CLEAR children that read this years from now – THEY ARE NOT MY FAVORITES – I DON’T HAVE FAVORITES!

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