Metal Works

About a year or so ago when we all went to the dentist as a family – we were told that Tanis would need braces. We kept putting it off and putting it off, but we finally decided we’d better do it sooner rather than later. At this point (if everything goes as it should) he’ll have his braces off a couple years before he starts dating. When you realize that’s only 4 years away – it’s kind of a scary thought.

Anyway, so we went a few weeks ago to get all the pre work done. Measuring the mouth, getting things ready to go, whatever they do. Today was the day for the actual hardware. Tanis had mixed emotions I think. He couldn’t stop talking about getting them, but he was also super nervous.

He did a great job. Very little wincing while the girl was putting the braces on and when it came time to choose colors he chose red and blue for the Chicago Cubs. Daddy was proud and I think Grandpa H. will be super proud!

Now that they’re on I feel super bad for my kid though. Eric never had braces, I never had braces (though I probably should’ve) – so neither one of us really knows what to tell the poor kid. We’re just hoping he’ll adjust quickly and in time kind of forget that they’re even there.

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