57 Day Photo Challenge: Day 10 – August 26


So truth be told, I’m not really a crazy, whacky person. I don’t really do anything that messed up. The only people I really would’ve had an answer for this question I’ve already mentioned – my little sister and Eric. So, then I took a step back and thought about when I was younger. Who did I do the most messed up things with then?

The answer: my older brother, Corby. We are 18 months apart and my mom has some awesome stories to tell about us growing up so closely together. Corby was my best friend for many years and when I was like in 5th grade and he was in 6th someone thought we were boyfriend/girlfriend. HAHAHA!

So here’s our years of growing up together:

The caption my mom put with this picture: “Shilo would sit on his back and pound.”
Thanks for taking so many lickings from me, bro!

We’re both on bikes, in the house…I can only imagine the fun my mom had with us then…If it’s anything like my 2 and 4 year old get – yup, I’m getting my payback.

Stealing the limelight on his birthday…

He learned how to take as well – see how he made me his cab driver?

Yeah, we don’t look crazy at all…

But through it all we stayed friends. Awww!

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