57 Day Photo Challenge: Day 8 – August 24


Alright so these are the 3 pictures that came to mind right away….We’ll start with the oldest picture first…

— So Eric likes to be funny when his mom tries to take pictures. He likes to make her crazy. So for this picture he decided he’d stick his tongue out for this kiss. I was going to crop Tanis out of the picture, but then I noticed his face and it totally adds to the laughs! —
— We all waited wondering how Ailey would react to getting herself soaking wet. We all braced ourselves for massive tears….we were instead greeted by laughs and a wonderful show of Ailey continuing to drench herself. —
— So this isn’t so funny by itself, but look what happened first: —
— Nate & Ailey were playing Dr. and Mommy was the patient. Nate literally tried to grab my tongue out of my mouth – and I let him….and it hurt (shown above)!!! —

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