57 Day Photo Challenge: Day 6 – August 22


I hate this topic when it comes up in any form. I’ve been thinking about an answer all morning, though. The short answer to this is ‘no one’. The grass isn’t greener on the other side and no one has it easier than the next guy. The first lines to Selena Gomez’s song, Who Says comes to mind and they are: “I wouldn’t wanna be anybody else.”

But to play nicely with this game, I did think of someone. Her name is Colette Butler, but she’s better known as Mommytard in the YouTube world.

Now, I wouldn’t necessarily like to TRADE places with her, but I would love to be around her for a day. Her husband decided a few years ago to film his life every day for a year. That has now turned into something very profitable for the family and it’s been fun to watch. I don’t watch it daily, or even weekly – but probably a few times a month.

So back to Colette….she is the mother of 4 and is married to a wacky guy named Shay. Colette supported Shay with his crazy idea to ‘vlog’ their family daily and has since started a few channels of her own. She has just always amazed me. She seems very down to earth and super sweet. She is a patient mother and a very loving and supportive wife.

I would love to see how she juggles her time. She goes into a studio to record a few of her channels weekly, yet she still has a household to run and children to get to school and to extracurricular activities. She is a strong member of the church and I love that they aren’t afraid to talk about being members and that it shows in the way they live.

So yeah, not that I’d like to trade places with anyone, but I think it’d be an experience to watch from the sidelines and see how things work so well.

If you want to watch the Shaytard vlogs you can do so here. They are all about 30 minutes long, so do so only when you have nothing better to do and hey their kids are pretty cute – if nothing else it’s the kids that make their vlog! 😉

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