57 Day Photo Challenge: Day 5 – August 21


I really like to go overboard on these things. Sorry. It’s just who I am….


— Visiting the Mall Santa. This wasn’t something we did every year. In fact I don’t remember if my Mom ever took us. This picture was when my Grandparents took my older sister and I. We slept over the night before, Grandma did her best to do my hair and we went to the mall. This is actually something I remember without having the picture and it brings such good memories to mind of my maternal grandparents. —
— Eric and I took a trip the summer after graduation to Seattle, Washington to visit his brother. Eric had planned and his family knew that he was going to propose on top of the Space Needle. I was clueless. He mislead me the night before by saying he didn’t even have money to buy a ring.
There was a dance held at the Space Needle that night and so they were doing pictures. We had a ‘mock’ photo taken, which was a good thing because my actual pictures of the event are really dark… —
— Wedding Day!!!! —
MEMORY #4, 5, 6, 7 & 8
— Becoming a Mommy for the very first time! —

— I actually had a GIRL! —

— A quick and easy delivery!!! —

— The answer to a prayer. —

— A most wonderful and happy surprise!!! —

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