Gotta Go Back To School

I can’t believe summer is ‘over’ already. Seriously!!! Summer’s seem to come and go so fast lately. Guess it doesn’t help that July was pretty much nonexistent in my world this year, eh?

So Tanis started Jr. High this year. Oh my heck! Talk about nervous. He was/is so excited and as his Mom, I’m so not. He started yesterday by going to an optional 7th grade day. We figured it’d be good for him, so we sent him. I didn’t sleep very well the night before. I have so many fears and concerns about my child and I remember how much I LOVED Jr. High. I’m trying to stay excited in front of him though.

Only downsides we’ve experienced thus far is that the bus never showed up yesterday morning and Tanis had to take a ride with a ‘stranger’. It was an acquaintance of Tanis’ mom. I don’t even know her personally, but I know who she is…Then today the bus took off without half the kids on it and it sounds like they were even in view of the bus driver – thankfully my awesome friend Catey picked them up today.  I’m thinking we may just need to start a car pool, anyone with me? UGH!

Shay (as she likes to be called lately) started 5th Grade today. She always seems so much older to me and I forget that she really is only 10 sometimes. Not a good sign of days to come. She has apparently hit that stage where posed pictures, on the first day of school, for mom is SO NOT COOL!

Lex started 3rd Grade. He’s been so excited and was even more excited after meeting his teacher yesterday. I don’t know if the boy got enough sleep, but he was all revved up to go this morning.

Nate still has another year before he goes to school. I’m a little concerned that he’s going to get bored this year since both of his good, good friends will start Kindergarten next week. Guess he’ll have to learn to get along with Ailey better!

Ailey thought she should have a picture too. She looked so very cute in her new pj’s!

Here’s hoping for a good year (and that the bus drivers get their crap together and get my kid where he’s supposed to be the rest of the year)….!

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