On July 22nd, Tanis turned 12. Holy COW! I feel old now…

I really can’t believe Tanis has been in our lives for 12 years. They sure flew by. It’s weird – as a kid you think it takes FOREVER to get to 12, as an adult 12 years goes by in the blink of an eye.

I’m so thankful that Tanis is my oldest. He is my biggest helper and so obedient. He tries to be a good kid and  is constantly asking how he can help. Often times he does things of his own accord that he knows will help me out.

Tanis decided he’d rather have a friend party than a family party this year, so the Friday night before his bday he invited 3 of his friends over and they had a blast snacking on junk food, playing video games (of course, for his bday gift we had to give him Mario Party 9) and just being boys.

*** Tanis wanted an animal/zoo type theme, so we made a caterpillar cake… ***

*** And ‘turtle’ cookies. I may have made the turtle bodies too big… ***

Then on Sunday (his ACTUAL birthday), we invited the grandparents to church and after church Tanis was ordained a deacon. This was such an awesome experience. I love seeing my husband use his priesthood and to then ordain our son to the same priesthood was something I’ll never forget.

After the ordination, the grandparents came over for dinner and we celebrated Tanis’ birthday a little more. He got money, a tie tack, a gift card for itunes and a computer game from his Grandparents. He was a little bit spoiled.

Of course we had to do cake & ice cream with the grandparents as well, and I had planned ahead and made another caterpillar, just a little shorter…

After the grandparents headed back to their homes we spent the night playing games Tanis wanted to play. We played a few rounds of Mario Party (which of course, Eric killed us both at and I think even Tanis beat me) and just had fun as a family.

It was an awesome weekend. And thanks to the parents of Tanis’ friends for allowing your boys to come help Tanis celebrate, he was so excited to have friends over!

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