Look Who’s In The Zoo

In an effort to avoid falling into a depression during July, we did a lot of family things.

One such thing was a planned day at the zoo. Our first day was planned for July 7th. Situations being what they were, though, our day didn’t quite go as planned.

In the early afternoon Eric went to help his friend pick up a pool table and get it back to his house. Well, this pool table is made of a heavy material (I want to say slate, but I can’t remember now) and so this ‘quick’ trip turned out to be a 2 -3 hour event.

Because I’m stubborn, I still insisted we go to the zoo when Eric got back. Well we were cutting it close. The gates close at 5:00, we left right around 3:30 and it takes about an hour to get to the zoo from our house. We made it to the zoo with 15 minutes to spare.

Now because we were only going to be able to be at the zoo for an hour or so, we opted to pay $130 for a membership instead of the $60 it would’ve cost for the one hour. One of the better choices we’ve made in our lives.

Knowing that the zoo had the new Polar Bear exhibit, we headed there first. I love it. It’s so much fun to see the sea lions and polar bear swimming around and having fun. The kids were also in awe.

*** Stupid zoo had the stupid snakes available to pet…I have strange kids that thought it was fun to pet a snake…I stayed as far from the stupid thing as I could. Yes, I hate snakes! ***

*** Little Miss Independent ***

So because we felt ‘cheated’ the first day we went, we decided to go to the zoo again the following week. Okay, truth be told we woke up that morning and Eric suggested we go after looking on the website and seeing that it was ‘ice block day’.  Within in hour I had all of us dressed and ready to walk out the door.

We get to the zoo and the parking lots (yes, lots!) are PACKED! We should’ve known what to expect when we walked in the gates. The freaking zoo was a zoo! Not only was it ice block day, Tillamook Cheese was there doing stuff and the Porshce Club had a special event going on.

We made the most of our day and had a really nice time as a family. And because we have a membership, we didn’t much care that we didn’t get to see many animals because of the crowds. I think it might be time to go to the zoo again coming up here…

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