The Day Of Independence

Our July 4th celebration was fairly low-key this year.

We got to spend most of the morning and early afternoon at home, which was great because I didn’t have to get up early and get everyone ready to go by a certain time. It also meant I had time to do this (I did it on both girls, though Ailey’s didn’t work out quite as well):

***Find instructions here. I went to school with Jenn and she is so amazingly talented. She has sooo many tutorials on cute hairdos for your girls.***
After getting the girls hair done and getting myself ready, Eric, Ailey and I headed to the hospital. I had to go to the hospital to get blood drawn to make sure my hCG levels were coming down. What a way to spend the holiday, eh?
After we got back from the hospital it was time to head over to our friends home for a bbq and fun with friends. We had an awesome day/night visiting and just having fun. The kids were running around crazy and having so much fun.
***I think this was when Eric made some sort of remark like, “I don’t have time to surf the web and watch YouTube videos…some of us actually work at work!” I just laughed at him. He sends me enough links to crap during the day that I’m POSITIVE he has PLENTY of time to surf the web and watch random YouTube videos. LOL!!!***

Around 8 or 8:30 we headed to our friends frontyard to prepare for THE DEAD END OF FIREWORKS!!!!

Our friends just happen to live next to a ‘dead-end’ and last year had the idea to do this firework show on the 4th in that area. We missed it last year, but we made it this year.

If you didn’t know it ahead of time, Eric’s a bit of a pyro so he was in HEAVEN being able to help light the fireworks and send them into the sky!

*** A little practice never hurt anyone, so lets get started with this Tiki Torches ***
***Venom decided to grace us with his presence, showing up in awesome scooter style.***
***Thor even took a break from protecting Asgard to join us.***
***Our friends cute little boy. Someday I may just kidnap him for a few hours, days, weeks, years. whatever…***

***Hands on the hips…Someone’s in BIG trouble…***

***It’s hard to see, but Eric’s takin’ off after he lit a firework.***
***The planning commitee AKA Group of Pyros***

***Shaylyn and her ‘boyfriend’ found the PERFECT vantage point…***
***Imitation’s the highest form of flattery…***

***And because it got kinda late – these 2 were able to sleep through it! Seriously, how do they do that?***
We got through all of the fireworks, without any mishaps. Then the very last firework of the night, either fell over or had some issues and it went off shooting sparks out into the crowd. We had NO TIME to think or to move or do anything. The best any of us could do was protect a little one around us. I covered Ailey, since I was holding her and tried to protect Nate as best I could….

Luckily, no one was harmed and we have a fun story to tell now.

We had a fun night and it was nice to get out, even though I started having a hard time towards the end of the night. Leaving me on my own to think is NEVER a good thing!


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