Awww, shoot!

Knowing that I was having a hard time coming to terms with the miscarriage, Eric decided that a Friday night date with our good friends was a good idea.

Previously Eric and his friends had discussed taking the wives out shooting sometime. Eric decided this particular Friday night was as good a night as any.

During the day Eric and Anthony had been messaging back and forth about a way to hold the paper targets. They came up with an idea that was made of PVC pipe. We just happened to have a bunch of PVC pipe lying around from when Eric did the sprinklers so as soon as Eric got home he got to work.

This is what their genius minds came up with:

Anthony thought us wives would get a kick out of shooting at MAGIC cards, so he had a few he donated to the cause. I won’t lie, I think it was a wonderful idea and we all laughed about it.
We met up at our house and took one vehicle around town to where there’s plenty of open space to shoot. But since the fire most of these places had signs saying, “No Target Shooting Beyond This Point.” So we didn’t go BEYOND that point and set up shop away from any such signs.
*** Setting out his targets for the Rifle… p.s. I hate that gun. ***
***Anthony instructing…I tried to listen to him. He worked Brink Security for a few years. I think he knows his stuff…***
*** Yvonne is like a pro, and I love how proud Anthony looks of his wife ***

*** I think Heather had a good time…But I could be wrong. ***

*** Heather may have missed the targets, but at least she hit the frame, right? ***
*** I was having fun watching ***

*** Yes, I know I need to figure out how to stand correctly, but I was just happy to use a REVOLVER ***
*** See those holes, I did ALL OF THAT. So I missed the card – at least I got the target! ***

*** I think he’s kinda sexy holding a gun! ***
Just a little bit before we were done shooting (Only because we were losing daylight) a BLM (Bureau of Land Management) guy drove by. He asked us, “Didn’t that fire scare you?”

Anthony and Eric went and talked to him and pretty much told him that we weren’t being stupid. We were using proper bullets and shooting at paper. He didn’t really know what to say then and let us go about our business.

After we packed it all up we headed out for ice cream.

It was a great night and Eric was so correct in knowing that I needed to get out and shooting off bullets was THE PERFECT way to let go of some stress!

Thanks for a great night out, guys!

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