Parkin’ It

On June 16th, we headed out to the Valley to spend some time with my family to celebrate my baby brother’s 17th birthday! (Okay, I really feel old now that he is 17…)

Well, earlier in the day Lex had puked not once, but twice! We decided that Eric would stay home with the sickie and if he got better to bring him a bit later.

I had to leave earlier in the day so that I could attend a bridal shower for my ‘adopted’ sister, Heather. I left Nate, Shaylyn and Tanis with my brother and headed off to the bridal shower with my Mom and Ailey. Along the drive to the shower – Ailey decided to take her hair out. And it was done so cute!

After the shower we headed back to my Mom’s and waited for everyone to arrive. In the meantime I redid Ailey’s hair, but very quickly and without all the stuff I usually have for it. I also got a message from Eric saying that Lex was feeling better, but he wasn’t. So, I was husbandless with 4 kids!

We headed to the park and after a wonderful dinner of Little Cesar’s Pizza it was play time! I couldn’t believe how much fun my little kids had. I guess the parks out here aren’t anywhere near as fun as the park we were at.

… I LOVE this picture I got of my Mommy …

… She’s part monkey …

… My brother in law thinks he’s the one who just turned 17! …

… Oops, took off a little sooner that she wanted …

At one point, a nice lady who was also celebrating someone’s birthday came around asking if she could give our kids some cupcakes. Now this lady looked very trustworthy and actually had kids of her own, so we trusted her. Our kids are still alive. People aren’t always bad.

Anyways, I asked a few of the kids to show me how much they enjoyed their cupcakes, and this is what I got.

When the kids had decided they were done at the park, we headed back to my parents house for ice cream and cookies and more visiting. I gave my brother his present and he was so thrilled…Sometimes teenagers are so much fun! And though we were celebrating my brother, I didn’t do too much with him.

I had to do something, though I can’t remember what that was, so I didn’t leave my parents until 10:30 or 11:00, which meant I wasn’t home until 11:30 or Midnight…I honestly debated just staying at my parents since the next day was Father’s Day and we’d be headed out that way again.

But being the hopeless romantic that I am, I wanted to be home in MY bed, snuggled up next to my hubby – instead of sharing a bed with a 2 and 4 year old…

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