Just Keep Swimming

On Monday, June 25th – my Mom, sister and I had plans to go to a Splash Park out around us. My mom was headed to my nephew’s game that night, so she just figured she spend all day out with my sister.

The plan was to meet at my sisters around 1:00. Around 11:00 I got a text from my sister saying that plans had changed. I was worried this meant that we weren’t doing anything, but instead it was just that my sister didn’t have her car seats in her car as they were in her hubby’s car and she forgot to have him switch them before he went to work, so we were just going to swim at their community pool instead.

I told my sister that that was probably a better idea for my kids anyway as I recently experienced the joy my kids have at splash pads. This also meant that I’d have to get into the water too. YAY! It was way too hot a day to just sit around.

So around noon, I got all the kids packed in the car and we were off. We stopped at had In N’ Out in the car. (I wasn’t going to take 5 kids into a restaurant by myself – ARE YOU KIDDING!?!?!) And then we headed to my sisters. We waited about an hour for my Mom and then we were off to the pool.

I love this pool. My 3 older kids can ‘swim’ without aids in quite a big area before it drops to the 4 foot depth. Nate, of course, spent most of his time outside of the pool just sitting around. (I really don’t know why he hates the water so much) I spent most of my time holding Ailey – who LOVED the water.

At one point I wanted to get some pictures, so I let Lex hold onto Ailey. I didn’t leave her for very long at all and my sister and Mom were also still in the pool RIGHT there.

I was able to convince Nate to get in towards the very end. I just had him sit on the steps with his legs in the water, and then he decided he’d play on the steps and had fun. I wish I had gotten pictures of him doing so, but it was right at the end and he was out again before I could do so.

I’m thankful for fun outings like this and I love being with family. Sadly this day also began a whirlwind of events that I’m not sure I want to discuss right now, but it’s part of the reason I’ve been so behind at getting the blog updated…these were all going to be made last week and I just didn’t feel up to it.

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