Father’s Day Gifts

This project took me 3 months to complete and I was still cutting it close to the deadline.

Back in December my little sister did this for her hubby for Christmas. I bookmarked it and decided it’d be an awesome gift for Father’s Day. My little sister first ran across this blog post and decided to make a photo book from it.

Yup, I totally stole her idea. I’m woman enough to admit it.

Like I said, I started this like in February and it took me till June to finish it. I got my hubby’s done in time to get a photobook printed at Shutterfly, but my Dad’s I didn’t. I opted instead to make a video for my Dad. I think it worked better for him that way anyway.

I’ll admit I didn’t write down anything that I used because it was such a big project, but if you want more info like what kit I used and the fonts – give me the name of the page and I can track it down for you. I scraplifted most pages from Creating Keepsakes magazine.

Here’s my Daddy’s Video:


And here are the pages I did for my hubby:

One thought on “Father’s Day Gifts

  1. Pabby says:

    Beautiful gift. I may have to remember this for my granddaughters. 50 things to do as you grow or 50 things I want you to know. So many options. Thanks for sharing this.


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