On June 21st, we start seeing smoke up in them, thar mountains…Turns out there was a MAJOR wildfire going on on the other side of the mountain. Apparently target shooters were shooting lead bullets and sparked a fire that ended up going for, I think at least 5 days.

Something I didn’t know: fires are named after the closest landmark or whatever to the fire. Ours was close to a dump…Thus it was called the Dump Fire. BORING!

These are some of the pictures I got that first day and night.

… Backyard – slightly zoomed …

… Back Yard, no zoom …

… Backyard, zoomed in …

… Front Yard, slightly zoomed …

… Front yard, no zoom …

… Back yard, slight zoom …

Thursday I started getting kind of worried because the fire was on our side of the mountain, but it seemed to be still far enough away that we weren’t in danger. On Friday they had evacuated people on the other side of the mountains because the wind had shifted so much that it became a danger. I was waiting on pins and needles wondering if we’d be forced out too. And if the wind shifted at all, we would’ve been.

I contemplated packing up and leaving before we were told to EVACUATE, but after Eric came home from work early, I relaxed. We were lucky and never had to evacuate, but it sure made me realize that I am currently in NO POSITION to evacuate in a matter of minutes.

I realized I really need to organize the important things in my life, so that if it happens again – I am totally ready to pack up and leave. And living so close to these mountains, I realize now just how much of a reality it could be.

Lex was frustrated because we worried that his baptism (taking place Saturday) would have to be rescheduled. Eric was livid because he had plans to go shooting that weekend as well. He’s also upset because he’s now worried about the restrictions that will be placed on all target shooters because a few idiots keep starting fires…

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