SURPRISE!!! It’s A Party.

On May 31st, one of my very best friends turned 30. A few weeks before her birthday her hubby had decided to pull together a surprise party for her. He took her out to dinner and couple other friends help decorate for the party while they were gone.

One of the girls that helped decorate actual works at a party store, so she was able to get tons of balloons and decorations for much cheaper than any of the others of us could.

We got there around 5 and started straightening up and decorating. Around 6, our hubby’s and kids joined us and we got ready for the surprise. We decided to have unrelated kids wait in the basement, while my friends kids and the girl that works at the party store wait in the frontroom.

The rest of us waited in the hallway and lit the cake when we got the call that they were a few minutes away. We figured by having her kids in the frontroom, she’d be doubly surprised when her friends popped out a few minutes later. I think it worked.

— My hubby’s a bit of a pyro, so he was kinda loving this whole thing! —
— It took us awhile to realize we were standing right under the smoke detector….Thankfully, it didn’t go off! —

— Her family members were the only ones to bring presents…I felt bad that I forgot… —
The party was really kind of fun, but I had to slip out for a bit. I had to go meet with a member of the bishopric for a new calling. They put me back in Primary. But not totally. I only have to sit with Nate’s class during Sharing Time and then I get to go to Relief Society. I was okay with that, since the RS President had also asked me the previous Sunday to start doing the RS Newsletter. 
The kids had lots of fun at the party and I wish we could’ve stayed longer, but I was feeling very tired and Eric still hadn’t recovered totally – so he was ready to go home too. Hope you had a good birthday, anyway Heather!

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