Splish, Splash

Last year our city put in a splash park and it’s only about 10 minutes from our house. However, I never took the kids there last year. I figured we had the pool, they didn’t need to go to the splash pad.

This year I decided I would repent and take them. I didn’t tell them where I was taking them, just told them to get their swimming suits on. Shaylyn guessed we were going to the big pool and I didn’t answer her one way or the other. But being the smart little thing she is figured out quite quickly where we were going and she wasn’t happy about it. She pouted the whole way there.

Finally, when we actually got there she had changed her tune and enjoyed herself. The older boys also had a blast. I was sad that Ailey wasn’t as involved as I thought she’d be. She only actually made it TO the pad, once. Then she was done.

Nathaniel just isn’t a water person and so I didn’t even bother getting him changed. He was whining the whole time that he just wanted to go back home. Because of Ailey and Nate not having any fun we probably only stayed for a half hour. But, oh well – we tried it and maybe if I go more often the landlubbers will start to ease into it…

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