Gimme Chocolate And No One Gets Hurt!

So about a week before June 1st, I got a call from my Wyoming brother asking if we were busy on June 1st. When I told him ‘no’, he asked if we’d like to meet at my Mom’s to play the CANDY BAR GAME. Of course I said, yes! My brother is always so good to think of the kids.

A couple nights before the event, I get an email from my mom asking if we’d be okay if she invited her brother (our uncle) over to also celebrate his birthday. We were more than okay with that. This uncle has and is always there for us and our kids. He is just amazing. I was thankful for the chance to get to spend his big day with him.

Because Eric carpools with one of his buddy’s to work, I had to go pick him up. And because of the timing, it meant we’d be at my Mom’s for a couple hours before the party was set to start. My parents had a wedding reception to go to and I was worried we’d get locked out again, so I sent her a text to leave the door open for us. Although, it ended up not mattering because they hadn’t left yet when we got there.

My parents headed to their reception and I went about making dinner for my family. And no, I didn’t mooch off of my parents. I planned ahead and brought everything I needed from home. 😉
After dinner people started showing up and we had fun visiting.

— And this was even BEFORE the sugar… —

— She makes us all look bad. She was getting stuff ready for her daughters bday party the next night. —

— She’s my favorite niece —

Then we got down to business and played the game! At one point I had to step away to deal with Ailey and Lex took a few turns for me. He did awesome and got me candy EVERY single turn! I’m taking him to VEGAS! HAHAHA!

After the game was completed, the kids scattered immediately and drove into their stashes. (Oh, I remembering now that Tanis wasn’t with us. He had been invited to a friends birthday party and had been talking about it for 2 weeks, so we felt it was important for him to go to that party, instead.) Nathaniel walked away with Shocktarts that I was going to give my sister when Nate wasn’t looking, (she asked for them during the last part of the game and Nate wasn’t having it) and then before I knew it he was eating them. My sister told me I should take a video of his reaction and this is what we got:

Uh, yeah – so not what we expected. LOL!

After candy, it was time for birthday fun! Sadly, I missed my uncle actually blowing out the candles because my camera was still set on video mode, but thankfully he was being goofy and I got an ‘after’ picture anyway!

Everybody went about doing their own things while others were enjoying birthday pie. 

After awhile my little kids got antsy, so I took them outside. They had all sorts of fun outside. Because Nathaniel and Ailey had both witnessed Shaylyn’s race, it was still fresh on their minds and they decided to have a race of their own.

We had a great time being outside and the kids absolutely loved it. It was a great way to end an already fun evening.

The best part of the night was towards the very end. My brother would blow up a balloon and then let it go. The little girls thought this was HILARIOUS and begged him to do it over and over again. I think he walked a  way a bit light headed and red in the face.

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