Memorial Day

Memorial Day started out not so great.

I had had plans to visit my Grandma’s grave on the way to my parents house as I hadn’t heard what time my parents were planning to visit her grave. My thinking was that we could leave the house around 11:00 and have a little bit of time before we were supposed to be to my parents at 1:00.

Right around 10:30 I get a text from my mom saying that we were meeting at Grandma’s gravesite at 11:00. Yeah, that wasn’t happening. Apparently she had sent an email the night before, but I hadn’t been on my computer so I didn’t see it.

We left the house around 11:30. It took a bit longer than expected as we were dog sitting the night before and had to get the dog back to her house before we left.

Well because we got a later start, I decided to bypass my grandma’s and try to get there on the way home. About 10 minutes from my mom’s I get a phone call from my little bro asking where we are. They were all apparently waiting on us at my grandma’s gravesite… (Uh yeah, apparently my mom and I don’t communicate that well.)

We still head to my parents thinking we’ll have to wait only 15 minutes or so and someone will be there. About 15 minutes later I get a call that they are all stuck at my sisters house. UGH! Why everyone had to go to my sisters house, I don’t know…

Well in this time I had one child that needed to use the bathroom and another child who had had a blowout. Thankfully, it wasn’t major – but it needed to be taken care of. I had Eric call his parents to see if anyone was home. His dad was home so we invaded for a few minutes.

Ailey needed a change of clothes and I didn’t bring one, so I had to quickly run to the store. I found a cute outfit and just about as I got back to Eric’s parents, my little sister called and told me that they were at my mom’s house now.

So we quickly said goodbye to Eric’s dad and headed to my mom’s. The rest of the day went much better. We all got ready to take the mile or so walk to the cemetery and headed out. (Eric hadn’t been feeling well all week, so he stayed back at my mom’s and took a much needed nap)

This year we were blessed with wonderful weather. We aren’t always so lucky. It really was a beautiful day and I enjoyed the walk. I missed Eric being by my side, though.

Here are some pictures, in random order of the fun the kids had at the cemetery…One of these days they’ll understand the nature of it…

After everyone was ready we headed back to my mom’s. Nathaniel had walked to the cemetery the whole way with my older sister, but she took off on her own in another direction so Nate had to come with Mommy. Well, that was okay except that I also had to push Ailey back. I also had planned ahead and brought an extra stroller in case Nate got tired.

Lex decided he wanted to push Ailey and that allowed me to hold Nate’s hand and push an empty stroller. Lex didn’t get very far before he decided he was done and so for a split second I had a bit of a dilemma.
Thankfully, my little brother Logan stepped right in and pushed Ailey the rest of the way home. I ended up pushing an empty stroller all the way back as Nate was AWESOME and walked the whole way!

I worried a bit about how Ailey would do with Logan, but apparently she did just fine as she fell asleep. LOL!

When we got back to my mom’s we had our usual bbq and I ate way too much. Although most of it was fruit, so it kinda makes everything null and void, right?

After the bbq we played a wicked game of noodleball (yes, I really did get into the action) and then when our bodies had had enough we visited.

Because Eric wasn’t feeling the greatest we ended our night a little early and came home. I feel bad that I missed my grandmas gravesite. It keeps nagging at me. Weird, I know.

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