No Longer A Baby

Besides May 13th being Mother’s Day, it was also Ailey’s 2nd birthday.

When she was born I knew that occasionally she’d have a birthday on Mother’s Day, I just didn’t expect it to happen so soon. And I realized that night that as Ailey gets older and years when her birthday falls on Mother’s Day, we’re going to have to change things up a bit so that her birthday doesn’t get overshadowed with Mother’s Day.

So anyway, we had a fairly easy morning. I wasn’t feeling real well so we missed church – which is sad because that’s been 2 years in a row I’ve missed my kiddos singing to me. Eric gave me my gift, which included a very sentimental card along with a gift pass to a spa day. (2 of my bestest friends also received the same gift…think the hubby’s talked at all? We are going to redeem them this Saturday, but I digress…) The rest of the morning I spent getting cards together for all the gifts to give our mother’s.

Just before 1, we gave Ailey her presents. She was so excited and such a happy little girl and she must’ve known it was her special day.

After we opened her gifts we loaded up the car and headed to Eric’s parents house for dinner. Then around 6 it was over to my parents house. We were the first ones to arrive at my parents, but one by one my siblings started to show up. Ailey had lots of fun playing with her cousin. Can’t believe these two little girls are already 2!

Yesterday we had Ailey’s party. I didn’t want to do it ON her birthday, because it was Mother’s Day. Ailey had so much fun. We themed it around BLUE’S CLUES which is Ailey’s favorite show and she really enjoyed her day.
I printed off her birthday invites at Shutterfly and only paid $7.00. I’ve been redeeming points off of all the dang Pampers diapers and wipes we have to buy and it came in handy! $7.00 for like 10 cards wasn’t all that bad…
Stationery card
View the entire collection of cards.

— So the story of the cake…
I lost my good camera on Monday the 13th and I was so distraught over it still on Tuesday (when I went grocery shopping) that I forgot to see and/or order a Blue’s Clues cake. So when we went to the store on Saturday, we took our chances to see what they had.
They had the princess cake, so we got it.
Eric decided that the Blue’s Clues characters (disassembled from a toy) had skidooed (they do that in the show) into a story with the princesses. I appreciated his creativity! —

She got so many fun gifts and among her favorites are a family album from Eric’s parents (I LOVE this gift as well) and a coloring book thing from her aunt Kami. In all reality though, she loved each of her gifts (minus the clothes) and had a wonderful night!

The only part Ailey didn’t much care for was her candles. She didn’t like our singing (I don’t think many people would) and she was a little bit frightened by the candles…Thankfully her Daddy was there to protect her.

Happy Birthday Pretty Princess. And thanks to all of our family member for your support and love! Ailey thanks you too!


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