Day 7: April 12 :: The Nitty Gritty ::

I spent the day taking a nap and then doing laundry. Eric wondered why in the world I was doing laundry, but it’s because it made it less I’d have to do when I got home and easier for me to pack. It really was a very lazy day and in between laundry I tried to get a few things put together so it’d be easier to pack up and leave in the morning.

Eric had Logan come over at some point to play some games with him and the kids. I was still doing laundry and trying to keep the little kiddos entertained.

Around 6 we met up with my parents and Logan and had dinner at a pizza restaurant that we usually go to each year. I remember the pizza being better in previous years, but it still hit the spot. We enjoyed our meal and had some nice conversations.

After dinner my Dad and Logan came over to play a game. I felt bad that we sent my Mom back alone, but maybe she wanted some quiet time. I don’t know. I just know I felt like a horrible daughter.

We played the game and it lasted FOREVER. Okay I may have been a pre bit occupied with things I needed to get done that night to get out at a decent time in the morning, so I wasn’t really involved in the game. The game got down to my Dad and Logan and it was fun to see it play out. Logan was the victor and they left around 11 or 12.

I then packed up all the clothes and what I could from the kitchen so that it was that much less I had to do in the morning.

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