Day 6: April 11 :: Takin’ It Easy ::

— This became Ailey’s favorite place to relax…Silly girl! —


After sitting around for most of the day, I decided I wanted to go to the mall. It was something to do and I was bored out of my mind! Well, this mall is a joke! Each year they lose more and more good stores and they have TONS of empty spaces. Don’t know what that’s all about.

I also ended up having what I think was probably a migraine (never had one before, but hearing what other people have experienced I think it may have been a small one) and I wondered why I had decided to go in the first place. (Shhh, don’t tell Eric I said that!) But one thing this mall does have that’s pretty cool is a nice play area. It is a nice cushy floor with a lot of cool climb on toys. Even the big kids like this place.

So I sent Eric to get us some soft pretzels (I needed something in my system) while I watched the kids. When Eric got back and had finished his pretzel (I was waiting until a bit later) I ran to Bath & Body Works and got some yummy smelling stuff. They have a new scent out called Pink Chiffon and I LOVE it! It is so very girly and feminine. Although I get angry every time I walk in that store and they only have Cucumber Melon in the hand soap and nothing in the body lotion and body wash area for it. ::Sniff,sniff::

— The boys were literally ignoring the slide and jumped off onto the ground below. —

On our way home we stopped at an A&W and got dinner. We then relaxed for about an hour and then got ready to go to the hot pools. The main draw of Lava Hot Springs are the hot pools. I love this part of Lava Hot Springs and always look forward to going. We didn’t get to go to the hot springs when we were there 2 years ago because I was VERY pregnant and Eric wasn’t feeling well. This year I made sure we went.
I sent a text to my brother telling him we were going and asking if anyone over there wanted to go. He replied in the negative, so Eric and I headed out with our little family. We chose this day cause it’s their ‘family night’ and so it was cheaper. I was worried it’d be horribly crowded, but we lucked out and it really wasn’t too bad.
This was Ailey’s first time and well, she LOVED it! I figured she would as she loves bath time!

— Frustrated that she splashed and it got on the camera and so it’s not a great picture, but you can see how happy she is… —
Nathaniel on the other hand was a bit more reserved. And when I say a bit, I mean A LOT!

The rest of us enjoyed our time.

After a bit my Mom and Logan actually did show up. Apparently when I sent my text no one asked my Mom what she wanted to do. So we were able to visit for a bit, but then Eric decided he was done. He had been chasing Ailey around and so he was tired. It had also started pouring rain, so all our towels that we brought to dry ourselves off were now soaked.

Thankfully, I was a smart mom and brought the kids their nice jammies to change into before going back. I think that helped to help them warm back up.

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