Day 5: April 10 :: FORE!!! ::

We had plans to go to Pocatello again this day to go miniature golfing. They have a place similar to Boondocks, but the mini golf is indoor and black-lit. The kids LOVE this place, so we try to go yearly. Our plan was to leave after we had lunch and I didn’t get around to texting my parents to see what they were doing, when I got a text from my Mom.

It said that her and my Dad had to go to the hospital because my Mom was having some issues that needed medical help. She asked if we could entertain Logan that day. I was sad that my Mom and Dad were on vacation and had to go to the hospital and spend the day there. But, I did as my Mom asked and told my brother we were headed mini-golfing and we went and got him.

We had the kids golf ahead of us so that the 3 of us ‘grown peeps’ could have a ‘real’ game. I’m pretty sure I LOST both games. Not that it was that difficult being around my hubby and sporty brother. I was also fairly distracted the 2nd game as Ailey was ready to get out of that place. She LOVED it the first go around, but by the 2nd go around she was getting tired and just wanted to be loved.

— Nate stared at this skeleton for quite a few minutes…Wonder what he was thinking. —

The rest of the night was uneventful. We went back to Lava and Logan went back to the condo with my Mom & Dad and our little family did our own thing.

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