Day 4: April 9 :: Nothing Better To Do

We spent most of the morning staring at each other. Hahahaha! Not really. We just had a very easy going morning and afternoon. I got a text from Kami asking what our plans were. I told her we didn’t have any and she said they were shopping downtown.

Well they finished before we even left the house. So I told her we’d meet up with them at Mom and Dad’s condo when we finished shopping. I was sad to see that most of the shops are gone. And the couple that are there didn’t really have anything interesting enough. We did find a puzzle of a picture of a wolf that Eric really liked, but I don’t like puzzles. I did find a card with the same picture though and so we bought that so I could frame it in our room somewhere. I’m cheap like that!

Thankfully it was a beautiful day, so even though the shops didn’t hold our interest – once we got to my parents condo we were able to play outside.

We got there and Kami and my mom were playing Basketball and having a conversation. We decided we’d let them have their conversation and we’d just wait. The swings are a bit away from the basketball court so we started swinging and the kids played on the playground.

The kids were loving this. Lots of open space to run and play and swings to swing on. Sadly the playground is nothing but a fort thing and a few rocking toys, but it was okay.

— I LOVED seeing this sight. Ailey was scared to death to swing by herself and cried when we tried it. At one point in the day I came back from another area and saw her thoroughly loving the swings – safe in her Daddy’s arms. —

— These horses have been there since I was a kid! —

— My favorite shot of the day! —


When my Mom and Kami were finished talking Kami called Shaylyn over to play some basketball. One by one each of the kids drifted over. Kami eventually started talking with my Mom again and Eric decided to play some ball with his kids.

Eventually the kids started drifting away getting interested in other things. So I decided to go and ‘play’ against Eric. We didn’t really even get into it when he did this to me…

He also showed no remorse for me. I was in major pain and had to have my Dad cut the nail off and Eric blamed me! How rude. Needless to say that ended our game quite quickly.

Because I had to go into my parents condo to get my nail taken care of, Logan decided to come out and play basketball, for real, with Eric. This was so much fun to watch. It’s rare I get the opportunity to watch Eric play sports and it’s tons of fun when I can. I also liked that he was playing with my little brother and that they have a friend type relationship.

When everyone had had enough, we sat and visited for awhile. We decided we were going to go back and have dinner, but Kami wanted to have a little time with Ailey. Ailey’s usually very shy around people she doesn’t see quite so often and Kami is one of those. But Kami said the words, “Do you wanna go for a walk?” and that got Ailey up out of my lap and into Kami’s hands.

They walked a little ways to go by the river and look at the ducks. I think this picture is good one to end the day on.

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