Day 3: April 8 :: EASTER!!! ::

Like any kid on Easter morning, our older kids knew EXACTLY what to expect. So they each woke up (at varying times) in search of the wonderful basket. (Okay, so technically the baskets weren’t so great this year – I was a bit preoccupied with getting ready to go on this trip and trying to keep baskets relatively cheap for 5 kids is a hard task and I just wasn’t feeling up to it. I’m also sick of giving my kids tons & tons of candy…)

The kids were all still thrilled with their goodies!

— So, his basket was on top of the fridge, but one of the kids got it down for him before I could take a picture, of course – seeing is early morning attitude – it wouldn’t have mattered.

In each basket the kids had a mask. The girls had butterflies, the boys had bunnies. I had hoped to get a picture all the kids in the mask, but I only managed to get two of the kids…

I was thrilled when I found out church was at 10:00 a.m. That meant a whole extra hour of prep time. Well, I forgot the fact that it was Easter morning and our children were less than cooperative. We got to church late, missed the Sacrament and walked into a ward that wasn’t our own after the Sacrament…You can imagine how many eyes were looking our way.

After Sacrament Meeting I had Eric take the kids home. The little kids ‘barely’ go to their classes in our own ward and the older kids were given the choice. They all chose to go back. I don’t blame them. I felt like I needed to stay and I was glad I did.

While most of Sunday School went over my head, it did address a few items I had been wondering about lately. Relief Society was a whole other ball game. The title of the lesson was something like “The Search For Happiness.” She started off by playing the OLD church movie entitled, Man’s Search For Happiness. It was one of THE cheesiest things I have ever seen, BUT it made so very valid points and it still moved me.

Then we got talking about the lesson and I pretty much bawled the whole time. So yeah, I needed to be there. She ended the lesson with this poem by Greg Olsen.


“Walk with me,” I heard him say,
“Walk with me awhile today.”
“Talk with me,” I heard him speak,
“Talk with me of the things you think.”

Share with me the things you feel,
Share with me so you can heal.
Cry with me through your heartbreaks,
Cry with me when your soul aches.

Look with me a new sunrise!
Look with me through open eyes.
See with me the world anew,
See with me my point of view.

Laugh with me in pure delight,
Laugh with me it’s ALL alright!
Sing with me as we stroll along,
Sing with me, I love your song.

Learn with me your wondrous story,
Learn with me your prior glory.
Know with me just who you are,
Know with me we’ve traveled far.

Create with me and dreams come true,
Create with me, I create through you!
Walk with me on Heaven’s shore,
Walk with me forever more!

I love this poem so much and I tear up just reading it. I was happy I stayed at church, if for nothing else, than to receive this poem.

After I got home from church I wanted to get pictures of us all dressed up. Eric’s mom buys the kids their Easter clothes and she doesn’t always get to see them on Easter, so I wanted her to have some pictures. Well my timing couldn’t have been worse. Ailey had just woken up, Nathaniel really wanted his Easter candy and we weren’t letting him have any, so he didn’t feel like cooperating. The older kids just wanted to change their clothes. So we got what we got.

— And yes, Eric may have been a wee bit upset with me that I packed clothes that made him match the rest of us. And yes, I did it purposely. Mwahaha! Maybe one of these days he’ll pack for himself. —


A few hours after church we got together with my parents, older sister, and younger brothers and had Easter dinner. The kids were much more relaxed and had fun running around the yard and uncle Donovan taught them the game DON’T EAT PETE. (I know I’m a horrible mom having never taught them that game.)

Eric played games with my Dad and little brother, while I played games with my Mom and Donovan. Kami and Heather were in the kitchen getting desert ready. It was a great night and even though the day started out quite rocky, it ended wonderfully!

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