Happy Mommy Moments

A few nights ago after dinner the kids decided they really wanted to go play outside. It’s been warm enough so we let them.

I went about cleaning up dinner and Eric was doing his thing in the frontroom where he had view of the kids. After 5 minutes or so he told me I needed to go get the camera. I asked him why and he just kept telling me to get the camera. So I obeyed.

As soon as I got outside I knew why.

This was the view that met me:

Instead of fighting over the bike, the two little people decided to share. I LOVE moments like this and I am glad Eric bugged me to get the camera…

A few days later Tanis brings home this note saying that he was chosen to be recognized at a Student Recognition Assembly on April 2 at 9:30.

So at 9:15, the little peeps and I walked into the gym and I was surprised to see Shaylyn’s class walking in as well. When Tanis was Student of the Month a few years ago, they did it by a grade to grade basis. They’ve now started doing it with the 4-6 graders and then the K-3.

This also meant that the teachers didn’t say anything about why they chose the student for the Student For the Month. This made me sad. I was looking forward to hearing that. Oh well.

— So the girl to the far left is our family friend’s daughter. We found it funny that her and Tanis would be chosen the same month.  The girl next to her is named Shilo (may be spelled differently), didn’t realize that name was still used today… —

— Oh, I hope this boy has a growth spurt soon… —

— Anxiously awaiting his certificate —

After the assembly I wanted to get a picture of Tanis with his certificate and then one with him and his teacher. However, I hesitated just a little too long and by the time I got to Tanis’ classroom his teacher had already started teaching again. So I had to wait till Tanis got home to get a picture of him with his certificate.

It really makes me happy to hear and know that my kids are doing well in school. I feel bad for my other two children as they’ve noticed that Tanis has now been Student of The Month two times in 5 years (since we’ve lived here) and they’ve never been chosen. Ah well I can only do so much as a parent.

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