Happy ♥ Day

I suppose I am a boring mom when it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day. My mom used to have little packages of candy waiting for us on Valentine’s Day morning. My little sister took her kids to an amusement place. What did I do?

Well, we did the same thing we do every year. I like that I’ve made this a tradition, but I worry now that my kids will feel jaded as they get older. Oh well…

So we decorated sugar cookies again this year. This year I planned ahead, however, and was able to buy lots of fun things to decorate with. Tanis and Shaylyn seem to really enjoy it. The other two boys just don’t have the attention span and Ailey was asleep until about the last 3 cookies that needed to be iced.

— She just woke up, doesn’t she look soooo happy? —
— She was so not in the mood for pictures, and yes, she does have pink eye. She’s got drops – we’re working on it —

Lex and Nathaniel both only lasted for one cookie. Then they decided they wanted to go play with friends. So, I let them.
This is Nate’s lone cookie:
(I didn’t get a picture of Lex’s cookie – because I forgot to take a picture of it…)
Tanis was creative and decided to make faces on the cookies. Shaylyn got extra creative and decided to make this little doozy:
I love this. She turned the M&M upside down so it’d be a w/ type thing and then the lips are sealed. She is such a creative little thing. I hope it stays with her always.
These are the finished product:
After the cookies were done, everyone went about their ‘merry’ way. Tanis went and played on the computer. Shaylyn went out and played with the dog (See Eric, Flower gets play time):

As mentioned before the boys were at a friends house and Ailey decided to watch her favorite show, Blue’s Clues (I love NETFLIX).

Shortly after that Eric got home from work. We had dinner and then played the Angry Bird card game. I loved that it was so simple to understand and that it was a fast moving game. We played like 4 rounds and I won 2, which meant I was the overall winner! YAY!!! (That rarely happens for me)

Eric and I then watched shows together. Eric wasn’t feeling well and my back is in really bad shape, so we’ve opted to celebrate this weekend.

It was still a fun day and I’m thankful I have a few kids who enjoy simple little things like decorating cookies!

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