We’ve Got Spirit – Day 1

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never had school spirit. Okay, NEVER may be a bit too strong of a word. I was happy to go to the school I went to, I was also very happy I didn’t have to attend our rival school – but the whole ‘school spirit’ thing kind of got lost on me.

So when it was SPIRIT WEEK at the schools I went to, I hardly ever participated. Mostly because I was (and still am) so self – conscious that dressing in silly ways was something I was NOT comfortable doing. So, it’s kind of odd that I find it fun for my kids. I don’t force them to do it, they all decide it on their own and they get excited about it.

So this year I decided I’d actually share how they dress everyday.

Yesterday, February 6th was the first day. The theme for the day was: DRESS AS YOUR FAVORITE BOOK CHARACTER….

(My kids may or may not use the term ‘favorite’ loosely…)

Tanis chose to be Greg from the DIARY OF A WIMPY KID book series. This is actually a favorite character for Tanis and he has really enjoyed these books.

Shaylyn chose to be a basilisk type creature that is similar to Medusa from a book her friend gave her. It is a Japanese themed book called PET SHOP OF HORRORS. It’s basically like Gremlins where the mythical creatures come with a certain set of rules and if the rules aren’t followed bad things happen.

Lex decided on Hubie from the TEACHERS FROM THE BLACK LAGOON series of books. I don’t know that it’s necessarily his favorite character, but it’s a book he’s really enjoyed. Next year I’m gonna convince him to be ALEXANDER from ALEXANDER AND THE TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE,  NO GOOD, VERY BAD DAY! (HAHAHAHAHA!)

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