The Double Digits…

Tanis, Shaylyn and their friend are convinced there’s a curse with 10th birthdays. Their friend broke her foot on her 10th birthday and Tanis’ ‘curse’ was that he spilled lunch all over himself (I don’t remember that happening). I kept telling them it was hogwash, but now I’m thinking there may be some truth to it.

Yesterday was Shaylyn’s 10th birthday and she woke up excited to see if a game she wanted had been downloaded for her (it wasn’t). Well she woke up early – like 5:30 early. In so doing, she woke Ailey up. Ailey had gone to bed around 11 the night before so I KNEW she wasn’t going to be a very happy girl that day. Not to mention the fact that all this woke me up and I hadn’t gotten a lot of sleep either.

You know that saying, “If Mama Ain’t Happy, Ain’t No One Happy”? I am seeing more and more how true that is. Because I was so thrilled at being woke up at 5:30 in the morning, Eric felt my stress and got after the kids for getting up so early. (They were also fighting over who was playing).

So the morning started off with Shaylyn (and the boys) getting yelled at, Daddy being stressed and Mommy being ornery. Thankfully, Ailey came and laid down with me after the kids got in trouble and fell back asleep. Then so did I.

I woke up just in time to get Shaylyn’s hair beautified and sent the kids off to school. Ailey was still sleeping and I decided I better clean the house so we could go to the store before the kids got home. We had an uneventful afternoon and got what we needed at the store.

Because of the crappy morning, I was adamant that I make the rest of Shaylyn’s day nice. So I planned to make one of her favorite cookies, Chocolate Chip Cookies, but opted for M&M’s instead of Chocolate Chips. She was so excited when she got home and saw what I was doing. But the 2 of the 3 batches cooked just a bit too long. She didn’t care, but I don’t like them that way.

I didn’t harp on her to do her homework or clean her room. She did clean her room without being told to, though. She spent a good portion of the afternoon using her gift from aunt Kaeloni, uncle Cody and THE COUSINS.

I decided to make her Spaghetti & Meatballs for dinner. We’ve never had meatballs before because I am a very PICKY eater, but Shaylyn always asks for them when we have Spaghetti. I was able to find a recipe online that didn’t call for anything I didn’t like. (Okay, it called for onion soup – but i just omitted it) They turned out so yummy! Shaylyn enjoyed her dinner.

Then Eric asked the kids to help look for something. Shaylyn set about looking and ended up smashing her fingers. This was right before we gave her her presents, so now in her pictures she looks a little sad.

She loved her gifts and knew what 2 of them were, but being the person I am I wanted a way to document those gifts, so I made up little certificates and wrapped them in boxes with my stuffed animals. It made it fun for us all, I think.

So yes, there may be a 10th birthday curse, but I hope Shaylyn will choose to forget the early morning orneries and overbaked cookies and the smashed fingers. She seemed genuinely happy to have her gifts and totally wasn’t expecting anything besides the video games.

I love this girl and her spunk. I will leave this post with a few pictures of Shaylyn from years past that I just love. (I may have gone a bit overboard…)

One thought on “The Double Digits…

  1. B*N*B says:

    What a cutie face! Tell her happy birthday for us! I also wanted to thank you for all your comments on my blog. You make me smile 🙂 You are such a good person and I'm so glad to know you!


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