It’s Scary How Fast A Year Goes By…

So because Shaylyn was having a birthday – I decided I’d be on the ball this year with birthday parties, so the family party was on Sunday.

I made a slideshow of the pics from her 9th year. And if you have a half hour to spare, feel free to watch it. LOL! (I realize probably NO ONE is going to watch it – but hey, you never know.) And heck the soundtrack is AWESOME! 😉

— So there’s songs on the original vid that I guess artists haven’t given the right to use on YouTube, so I created a playlist to go along with the video trying to match up the songs. I did have to make a few substitutions, but you’ll still get the idea. So, I’d start the video and then the music player. But feel free to do it in whichever way you choose!–

We had a great turnout and Shaylyn was pleased with all of the gifts she received.

Daddy trying to steal the Swedish Fish as the ‘birthday tax’…

This year she chose to have a ‘bat’ party. Well, that was the only request she really had. I did my best to oblige. I made my own digital scrapbook elements for her invite:

Then when we went to get decorations, she decided on the colors black and hot pink. It wen really well with the way I had done the invites. She chose to have chocolate cupcakes and we tried our best at making chocolate covered pretzel bats:

Not all of them turned out great, but I thought a few actually looked pretty good.

Tanis and Shaylyn painted the picture of a cake the night before. My big sister gave Shaylyn an easel, canvases and paint for Christmas and Shaylyn made good use of them.

Tanis even played Happy Birthday on his clarinet for Shaylyn.

Grandpa Hardy bought the wonderful musical flower candle for Shaylyn to blow out. I think Shaylyn had a great party.

Thanks to all who came and to everyone who’s played such an important role in Shaylyn’s life.

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