Another Year Has Gone By

So, Christmas is over. I’m sad. It’s even all put away and that makes me even sadder. 😦

But I shall spin a tell of our Christmas….

With the exception of 1, our kids all slept until 8:00. Crazy, right? I wasn’t complaining. I was super tired and had been fighting something by downing tons of ibuprofen. So an 8:00 wake up call was just fine by me. We actually had to WAKE UP Ailey and she wasn’t so happy about it.

The kids had a blast opening their presents and they were totally spoiled.

Tanis is getting to the ornery years and complained about every gift not being Lego Harry Potter Years 5 -7. He wasn’t really complaining – he just kept saying, “This wasn’t what I expected.” Eric did give all the kids Lego Harry Potter to ALL the kids, but that was the last gift to get opened.

Shaylyn loved all the Monster High Stuff she got and has enjoyed putting make-up on everyday, much to her father’s dismay.

Lex was the most grateful child and was excited with EVERY SINGLE thing he got. He made me happy.

Nate was good and just wanted every gift after he opened it. And Santa made a small mistake with him. Santa thought (s)he had ordered a gift, even thought (s)he had wrapped it and when Eric said numbers weren’t adding up equally for all kids – Santa had to take a look and realized that (s)he never even ordered it. Thankfully he’s only 3 and wasn’t any wiser.

Ailey enjoyed unwrapping things and just wanted to rip paper off the gifts. She didn’t quite understand the concept of a gift inside. She had a fun day though.

Eric surprised me with Dance Central 2 (I thought he bought me the new Glee karaoke game) and a Glee Piano book along with a Tangled Soundtrack Piano book.

We spent the next few hours enjoying our gifts and trying to get ready to go to Eric’s parents house. Because I still wasn’t feeling that great we skipped church. (We are HORRIBLE Christians, I know) Because I was still sick, we were even like an hour late to Eric’s parents because I just couldn’t get moving fast enough.

We had a wonderful lunch and enjoyed each other’s company. The kids just wanted to get to their gifts. After lunch it was gift time.

For Ailey, Eric’s parents had found a small little laptop thing that she really likes.
Nate got a pirate ship that he had been eyeing while we were at Kohl’s with Grandma. Grandma secretly bought it that day and when Nate opened it on Christmas he actually said, “I WANTED this.” Eric’s mom was so happy that he had remembered and he was so excited by it.
The big kids got unlabeled cans. They were really confused. Grandpa told them to open them and inside was $50. The older kids were given $50 to spend on something they really wanted.
Eric’s brother got Ailey a cute little Mickey Mouse doll that rocks out.
Nate & Lex got Remote Control cars that are AWESOME.
Shaylyn got some artsy things.
Tanis got a game for his DS.

Eric’s parents had given me a camera the week before (so I could use it Christmas morning), some photo paper (kind of a running theme every year) and a new PURPLE watch!!! I was pleasantly surprised.

Eric was gifted with a new Router (which we also received early) and the last two Harry Potter movies on Blu-Ray!

After visiting for a bit more, we then headed to my parents house.

Now, I have lots of siblings and they gifted each of my kids with something and I don’t remember everything. I do remember that my little sister copped out and bought a family gift (Love you, Kaeloni) and that was The Smurfs. It was a good gift even though it was a cop out.

My parents gave Eric and I a gift card to Coldstone, an Ice Cream Maker and a Soft Pretzel Maker. I was a bit mad at my mom for giving me gifts that’ll fatten me up – but after using them both she is forgiven. 😉

I don’t remember each present my parents got for my kids either – except that Ailey got a bike (Cousin M. got the same bike) and animal crackers and was more excited about the animal crackers than the bike.

We had a lot of fun with my family and we watched a video I made for my Mom about the year and I included the video I made for my grandma on there as well as the video I made for my brother who’s living in France and wasn’t able to come home for Christmas.

Eric played some game with the ‘smarter’ members of my family, while I played LOSER with my little sister, little brother (who lives in Wyoming) and Tanis and Shaylyn. It was fun and I ended up winning. It was a mean win, but whatever. We then headed home.

The next day we took it easy and played around with all our new toys. I TRIED to figure out where new gifts were going to go and clean up a bit. Around 4 we took the kids to Target to spend their money. Eric’s parents had given the two little kids $10 so that they could buy something as well.

Tanis chose some Skylanders figures and Superhero Squinkies.
Shaylyn bought a Monster High Wii Game and some Lego Mini-Figs.
Lex bought 2 Transformer toys. A Transformer and Atlantis Legos.
Nathaniel got something I’m not remembering at the moment, but when Eric reminds me I’ll edit this line. 😉
Ailey chose a Baby Belle doll. Seriously. Given the choice of her or Ariel, she chose Belle.

It was a good Christmas and it really went by too fast!


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