It was getting close to Christmas and I was feeling so not in the spirit. I missed snow (strange, I know) and it just didn’t feel like Christmas.

We had done the North Pole Express, but that was all we had really done as a family during the Christmas season, so I decided we should go see the lights at Thanksgiving Point. I knew Eric wouldn’t be thrilled (he’s kind of a Scrooge), but he took us anyway.

It helped to get me in the mood of Christmas. It was snowing the night we went. WHOOT! But that made it a bit difficult to get good pictures. I took some and I’m sharing what I liked.

While the price was more than I would’ve like to pay for such a ‘cheap thrill’, the look on Nate & Ailey’s faces made it totally worth it. Still glad we did it and got out of the house for a couple hours.

… They’re Not Exited. AT.ALL. …
… I Just ♥ Her! …

… I Loved This Set Of Lights. The Penguin Slips Off The Igloo And Lands On His Head. It Honestly Made Me Laugh Out Loud. …

… A Tulip IN DECEMBER!?!?!?! YAY!!! …

… He Thinks He’s A Goat …
… My BEAUTIFUL Pink-Eye That Lex So Lovingly Shared With Me …

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