Santa Claus Done Did Come To Town…

So last week on FB (Facebook can be such a wonderful thing!) a friend posted that Santa would be coming to her house the next day (Thursday) for an hour or so. She invited everyone over. I told her that I would go. Then I forgot…..

Thankfully, I remembered Thursday morning….WHEW! I would’ve hated myself for forgetting something like that.

So when the appointed time came we headed over. We were a bit late cause we had to wait for Shaylyn to get done with Knowledge Bowl, but luck was on our side and we arrived at the same time as SANTA!!!

There were sugar cookies to decorate and a line for Santa. I was glad it was a very intimate gathering so the line wasn’t that long…I think I earned extra points with my kiddos this day! And we all know Moms and Dads can use extra points this time of year!

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