Hands, Feet and Feathers

Thanksgiving has come and gone and only a few days before did we get around to making our paper turkeys. One of these years I’ll be on top of things and get them done at the beginning of the month.

I usually just take the kids aside and we make our little craft. This year I did things differently. Because I’m only one person, I knew I wouldn’t be able to take care of both little kids and keep them entertained and keep them ‘on task’. So, I decided to make it be part of a Family Home Evening.

I started out with a very simple lesson found in the Nursery manual. (There are perks to being in Nursery) We then did our turkeys. However, before a ‘feather’ could be placed on the turkey everyone had to say something that they were thankful for. I made a rule that you couldn’t say what the person right ahead of you said. I helped Nate work on his turkey, Eric helped Ailey.

We had some interesting answers from the kids. One said they were thankful for food cause some people don’t have any. Another kid said they were thankful for Doctors. (Guess which kid that was) Eric took the easy way out and named person after person in the family. He was answering for Ailey as well, so I’ll forgive him.

I was so pleased to hear the things my kids are grateful for and I tried to stretch my brain to thing of things that I don’t usually have a grateful attitude for. Overall it was a good night, a wonderful FHE and I’m glad we did it.

Here are the pictures we tried to take after:

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