I Have A Confession…

Well, you know, like everyone – there’s a few things I could confess. But today I’m only confessing one thing. Who’s excited to hear it???

Here goes…

I’ve never liked reading. Never. In school I was annoyed every time a teacher asked questions like, “What was the author thinking when he wrote this?”

My answer, “Who the heck knows? The dude is dead as are all of his friends. Therefore NO ONE REALLY KNOWS what the guy meant. For all we know he was hopped up on drugs and alcohol and really had no idea even what he meant.”

Okay, I didn’t really answer like that. I tried to find some sort of answer because I was a good student, but in my head that’s what I was thinking.

I thought it odd that my Mom would always have a book next to her scriptures, on the fireplace, next to her rocking chair of things to read. Found it even more odd that she’d stay up at night and read them.

Then there came a summer during high school. A library was built within walking distance to my house and when I got bored, I went to the library. It was a way to get out of the house. While there I found a bunch of books by R.L. Stine written for young people. They were mysterious stories, always with a twist – but it fed right into what I found I enjoyed. I probably went to the library twice a month or more and read these books in a day or two. (Now looking on Google – there’s a TON I haven’t read that I may just try and get a hold of when I want a quick, fun read)

So I found that I COULD enjoy reading, but after reading all the Fear Street books that the library had and a couple others, I was left dry. Then, I got married and just felt too busy to read. Not that I had found anything worthwhile.

I marry Eric and he’s been a bookie probably since he learned to read. He had a small library (which his mom so lovingly packed into two boxes and gave back to him for Christmas one year) and tried to get me to read some of the books he read that he thought I might enjoy.

The first one he gave me was some story about a girl and a dragon. (I honestly couldn’t remember the name, and had to Google it) I enjoyed it for awhile, but then it just got too hard to read as it is so fantastical and heavily buried into Fantasy. Eric likes Fantasy and that’s great, but I learned it just wasn’t my type of book.

I think Eric was a little bummed that I didn’t like that book and so he decided to keep trying. He then decided I’d like the Word and The Void Series by Terry L. Brooks. This time he found one I did enjoy quite a bit. I think what helped so much with liking this book -even though it was Fantasy- was that it was set in Modern Times. I read these books so quick that I even had to wait for Eric to finish a couple before I could read them.

Here and there Eric still tries to find books I’ll enjoy. Most I don’t. He’s the one, however, that got me to read Harry Potter and the Twilight saga. He had started listening to the Twilight audiobook and was convinced it was a story I’d like. I was trying to avoid the whole thing. But I finally relented and let him play the first of the audiobook while we were driving to family’s homes on Thanksgiving one year. I hated listening to the audiobook, but I just HAD to read it after listening to the first few chapters on audiobook.

So, for the most part I wasn’t ever a big reader. Then someone pointed me in the direction of Jodi Picoult. I was hooked. Her books are also along the lines of mysterious (as in how the book is going to end) and the ending is hardly EVER the obvious answer. I embraced this author and have read every one of her books and I’m thrilled she has another coming out in March!!!

Here and there I found other books to read. Like Dan Brown’s Angles & Demons and The DaVinci Code. But for the most part I’ve stuck with Jodi Picoult..

Then I move into this neighborhood. Utah Mom tells me about the neighborhood bookclub and starts inviting me. Eric tells me I should go and I eventually do. In this course, I’ve made new friends, but I’ve also learned that reading can be fun.

It’s opened up a whole new world to me. I don’t always read the selection for the month (I’m still a picky reader), but it’s nice to hear about new books and there’s even been a few I’ve read that I would’ve have done otherwise. Utah Mom has also pointed me in directions of books she thinks I’ll enjoy and she hasn’t gone wrong yet.

So a little over a month ago, October 15th, I woke up at 5:45 for one reason. To head to the Salt Lake City Library’s book sale. There were 6 other girls besides Utah Mom and I that were crazy enough to wake up at this hour and go to a BOOK SALE! Utah Mom had said how great the deals were and that she goes every time they have one. It didn’t take me long to find out why. Or why we went so early in the morning.

We got there around 7 and the place was already a zoo. However, I managed my uneasiness with crowds and scored quite a few books I was interested in. I was armed with my handy, dandy (okay, we maybe watch a little too much Blue’s Clues in this house) debit card and was ready to go. Only to then find out they only take checks or cash. I didn’t have either. Thankfully the women I was with were awesome and someone paid for my stuff as well. I paid her back later that day.

I got a little something for everyone:

  • HOME RUN – Nate
  • SYBIL – Me
  • THE WESTING GAME – Tanis & Me
  • SPY HIGH – Tanis
  • CATCH ME IF YOU CAN – Me & Eric
  • THE LITTLE PRINCE – Me & The Kids *
  • THE WIZARD OF OZ – Me & The Kids *

Because Eric’s been reading since he could read, I wasn’t sure what books he’d already read and he spends more time listening to audiobooks lately than reading so I went with the comic books graphic novels. Although I don’t think he’s even read them or remembers them at all. But that’s okay because I only spent $10 for EVERYTHING!!!

Seriously. I think I should’ve paid about $12, but the little old lady helping my friend and I kept getting confused. I wasn’t complaining.

We even got stopped on our way out by a reporter doing a story on the sale. I didn’t say much, so of course I wasn’t mentioned. But two or three of the girls I were with were mentioned quite heavily in the story. It was awesome. I had a great time with these ladies (and girls) and hope to go every time.

Although, from now on, I’m just gonna send Eric to look for stuff for him on his lunch break since he works kitty-corner from the library.

And I’m curious (without cheating, those of you on Goodreads) what book do you think I’m currently reading out of the above list????

— I’ve become my Mom…. —

* Now that the weather is colder, and the kids will be playing outside less, I plan to read these to the kids everyday for reading minutes and because it’ll be nice to spend that time together. *

3 thoughts on “I Have A Confession…

  1. Rheanna says:

    So sad I missed the book sale! I love book club too because it gets me out of my reading comfort zone or just books I've never heard of—makes me feel more well rounded hehe!


  2. Momnerd says:

    I wish I could have gone! I was digging through my boxes to find something to read last night. Finally settled on the Host. Have you read that? I've only read one by Jodi Picoult and I didn't really like it. It was that one that got made into a movie. But the other ones you like sound like some I like. ALthough I like almost anything. Anyway, my guess is you're reading the Lost Symbol? πŸ™‚


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