Weighty Wednesday: Week 6

Time for the weekly check-in…

Week #6 Photos:

WEEK 6 WEIGHT: 164/167 lbs. (First number sans clothes, second number with)


45 Min. Wii Fit
20 Min. Zumba
15 Min. Dance Central
WEEK 6 THOUGHTS: Frustrated with the gain, but honestly kind of expected it…
Still hoping I’m losing inches, but since I haven’t been measuring that – who knows?
WEEK 6 OBSTACLES/EXCUSES: Because I was still dealing with a bladder infection the majority of this week, I didn’t get to exercising as much as usual. Hopefully, things will continue to stay normal from here on out…..

In related news: Eric and I are headed to our Healthy Utah physicals today. It’s a program the state of Utah offers it’s employees and their spouses. You get money for signing up and then if you meet their goals you get more money.

My hope is that this will actually help me out and not put more stress on me. I’m kind of worried about that side of it. I’m not sure what they’ll do for Eric – the bean pole that he is – but perhaps they’ll have a program set up for him to gain some muscle or something.

Either way, let’s hope this works out for the better and we’ll see whose scale I like better. (My guess is theirs will be more correct, but I may like mine better!)

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