Weighty Wednesday: Week 5

So, I have no pictures for this week.

Why? Because I figured there was really no point.

Thursday and Friday I had busy mornings and if I don’t exercise in the morning, it doesn’t happen. Then there’s always so much going on on the weekends that it doesn’t happen. Monday morning I woke up in pain (my back has been bothering me off and on since that 5 mile walk) and because of other things going on, we took a trip to Instacare. Turned out I have a bladder infection and honestly I’m in enough pain most of the time just doing the day to day things. I haven’t wanted to attempt exercise on top of that…. And today I really wasn’t up to taking pictures of myself.

I’m hoping that since the dr. put me on an antibiotic I will feel more like myself soon and be able to get back to this.

Just for kick though I did weigh myself. Still sticking at 166lbs. Gotta figure out how to make that number go down!

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