Wanna Make The Kids Happy???

I like to visit How Does She? quite often. However, just recently I signed up to get their newsletter. I know – what’s wrong with me? Anyway in one of the most recent newsletters I saw THIS! Now how could I pass that up? Seriously!

Now because I am trying to lose weight I didn’t eat even 1. Can you believe it? Okay, it helped that it was covered with candy melts and I’m not crazy about candy melts. I also wasn’t able to find candied eyeballs, so I improvised with chocolate chips. How can you go wrong with chocolate chips? I also couldn’t find sucker sticks and came across coffee stirrers. I don’t drink coffee, so I didn’t know these were available, but guess what THEY WORKED and the kids now use them as straws. Hahaha!

Anyway, my kids LOVED these and kept asking for more. I even think the hubby stole one or two. I think they are cute and it’s things like this that make me enjoy baking! Just wish I was able to avoid eating everything I baked… 😉

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