Weighty Wednesday: Week 4

It’s that time again….

Week #4 Photos:

Again I realize they are a bit off as my pj’s aren’t as form fitting as the clothes I wore week 1. I’ll try to be better at laundry!!!

WEEK 4 WEIGHT: 163/166 lbs. (First number sans clothes, second number with)


20 Minutes Zumba
20 Minutes Just Dance
30 Minutes Wii Fit
5 Mile Making Strides For Breast Cancer Walk
40 Minutes Wii Fit

20 Minutes Zumba
20 Minutes Dance Central
WEEK 4 THOUGHTS: Glad to know I didn’t gain anything, but sad to hear I didn’t lose anything either. Especially after that stinkin long walk! Oh well, I’m not gonna let it get me too down. I had a friend mention that sometimes you lose inches before pounds. I’m hoping that’s what’s happening and then I can be happy!
WEEK 4 OBSTACLES/EXCUSES: Did pretty good exercising, except for Monday. I had to sit Monday out. Because I was unprepared for the breast cancer walk being 5 miles (last time I did it – it was only a 5K), I ended up with popped blisters on the back of my feet (which doesn’t stop my exercising at home cause I don’t wear shoes) and I injured my back. I could barely walk around on Sunday, so even though it felt better on Monday I played it safe and didn’t exercise.

Still struggling with eating healthier. I’m not snacking AS MUCH as I used to, but I still snack more than I probably should.

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