MousePad Do-Over

I first saw this tutorial over at AGAAGG. Check it out – but make sure you have LOADS of time on your hands cause this girl is crazy creative!!!

So I had this mousepad:

It was falling apart at the seams and it didn’t bother me too much cause I did buy it at the dollar store and it lasted me a couple years.

So I tore that top part off and was left with this:

Then I went about measuring the mousepad to know which size to cut my paper.

I had an off night and could NOT get the paper cut to the right dimensions and finally settled on just using the two pieces of paper and making them work together:

I then took my Mod Podge and painted it all over the mousepad and then adhered the paper to it. When that was done, I was left with some edges that were bigger than the mousepad:

I simply trimmed the excess off.

I decided I didn’t like how the two papers matched up

So I simply took a coordinating piece of paper and slapped it on where the other two pieces met. I was much happier with this look:

Now I have a cutesy mousepad and it’s IN SEASON!!! YAY!


Mousepad – bought at the dollar store
Papers – DCWV: The Fall Stack
Mod Podge
Paint Brush
Paper Trimmer

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