Meet The Family

I spend a lot of time on this blog showing off my little family, but now it’s time to introduce you to the family I came from.

Are you excited?

This is my Dad & Mom…

Dad’s not much of a ‘smiler’…. and truth be told, he was still mourning the loss of his mom!

Then comes by big sister, Kami:

Corby was next in line:

Then ME, yay:

Donovan next:

Devin after that:

FINALLY a little sister, Kaeloni:

And bringing up the rear is Logan:

My parents have 8 grandkids:

Aunt Kami is the fave aunt:

We have Mommy’s boys:

And Daddy’s girls:

The boys far outnumber the girls:

We have lots of fun together:

And we are a HAPPY FAMILY!

These are our family pictures taken in September by the AWESOME Cindi Braby! We love her work. I posted more of our pics on my sidebar!

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