Weighty Wednesday: Week 3

Week Numero 3….

You say what? It’s not Wednesday. I know. My Wednesday was crazy busy. I did manage to get the pictures taken ON Wednesday though, so it still counts.

Here was my Wednesday…The morning was full of getting kids ready for school and out the door. I then exercised and Eric (who was working from home) invited me to lunch. Of course I said yes! We then came home to drop Eric off so he could continue working and then I went to the grocery store. I got home from the grocery store long enough to run the groceries in the house (had to have Shaylyn put the groceries away) and then I had carpool for Tanis for band. Get home from dropping those kids off and had to run Shaylyn to Activity Days, get home and clean the house. Then it was off to PT conferences and came home for dinner. Then I had to rush out the door for a super, secret meeting. (More on that in a few weeks) After I got home from the meeting I was just too drained to blog, so I went to bed instead.

So anyway, here are week #3’s photos…And yes I know I still haven’t perfected the angle. I’m not wearing the same clothes (got behind on laundry) and I really need to clean my mirror…UGH!

Week 3 Weight: 163lbs./166 lbs. (Remember, I’m accounting for the weight with and without clothing)

Week 2 Exercises: Here’s the log:

Thursday, Sept. 29:
20 Minutes Wii Fit

Friday, Sept. 30:
20 Minutes Zumba
20 Minutes Just Dance

Monday, Oct. 3:
I was too emotionally upset to exercise this day…When the thought of loosing a whole slew of pictures to a virus on the harddrive presented itself, I was less than thrilled.

Tuesday, Oct. 4:
30 Minutes WiiFit

Wednesday, Oct. 5:
20 Minutes Zumba
20 Minutes Just Dance

Week 2 Thoughts: Losing 1 lb. is a start. A slow start, but a start nonetheless. I am hoping it gets better from here on out. Just got to keep at it.

Week 2 Obstacles/Excuses:
As stated above, because of a little mishap with the computer, I let that interfere one day. I need to be better at not letting my emotions take a hold of me.

Food wise I still tried to be aware of what I was eating and tried to eat less. I also tried to resist the desire to snack. I didn’t always succeed, but I did a pretty good job if I say so myself.

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