Weighty Wednesday: Week 2

I’m here for my weekly check-in….

Here are week 2’s photos compared with last weeks. And yes, I’ll be the first to say they aren’t taken in exactly the same spot/angle – I’ll work on it….

Week 2 Weight: 164lbs./167 lbs. (Remember, I weigh 2-3 lbs more with clothes on…)

Week 2 Exercises: I kept a log of my exercising – so now everyone knows what I did.

Friday, Sept. 23:
20 Minutes Wii Fit

Monday, Sept. 26:
20 Minutes Zumba
20 Minutes Dance Central
1 Hour Boot Camp

Tuesday, Sept. 27:
20 Minutes Wii Fit

Wednesday, Sept. 28:
20 Minutes Zumba
20 Minutes Just Dance

Week 2 Thoughts:
So, nothing lost – but nothing gained. YAY!!! While it wasn’t what I hoped for I’ll take it. It’s better than gaining, which is what I thought when I weighed myself this morning. I forgot the whole clothing on/off thing. I spent this morning thinking I was at 164 with clothes, and I was freaking at a 3lb. gain. I’m so glad I realized my mistake. 😀

Week 2 Obstacles/Excuses:
I don’t exercise on the weekends because those days get hectic. I probably won’t ever get to exercising on Sundays, but I should try to get something in on Saturdays.

Food wise I didn’t change much. I tried to be a little more conscientious(sp?) about my food choices, but I didn’t stop eating junk. I tried to limit the junk I did eat however, and it wasn’t always easy. I was at a bridal shower Saturday afternoon and had way too many goodies. Then I had a shake that night.

I did better at a birthday party on Sunday night and had nothing but a glass of Sprite as my tummy was bothering me. That’s some progress…

I am happy that I exercised everyday though. Tuesday’s workout was difficult as I really pulled my calf muscles and a few in my arm at bootcamp the night before. I’m still not totally ‘healed’, but I pushed through the pain and accomplished what I set out to do!!!

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3 thoughts on “Weighty Wednesday: Week 2

  1. Rheanna says:

    Finally got a chance to check out your blog and see what you've been up to while we were gone. I'm so excited for your adventure in weight loss—good for you!! Good luck! You're an awesome example!


  2. BreeAnn says:

    You are an inspiration! I don't know if I would be brave enough to tell everyone how much I weigh and expose my weight loss/gain! You are doing great! And remember sometimes we lose inches before weight, and that is always great too! Good job! I need to get back into the work out scene!


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