Forget Me Not!

Saturday was an all-girl day for me. It was nice.

I started out the day around 11:30. I had a bridal shower to go to and because Eric and his Dad were getting Eric’s car battery replaced – the guys had to take the kids. I was kid free for an entire day.

I had to go get the bridal shower gift first, so I ran to the store and spent a good hour or so shopping. I then headed over to the shower. My little cousin (she’s the same age as my little sister) is finally getting married. She swore forever that she’d never get married or have kids. Well, the first is actually happening. I am so excited for her. We had a nice time at the shower and she seems so excited.

After the shower, my mom, little sister and my sister in law all sorta grouped together and ran a few errands. We first stopped at Robert’s Arts and Crafts, and if you can believe it I didn’t buy a thing. Had we spent a few more minutes in there – I am positive I would’ve. We then had to head to Office Max because my mom needed something laminated.

We then had to quickly run to my mom’s house to change into our Sunday best and then we headed to her stakehouse. The Stake Relief Society there had a nice dinner prepared and we ate some yummy soup and brownies. We then headed into the chapel for the General Relief Society Broadcast.

I’ll be honest and say I had a HORRIBLE time listening this year. Usually I can gain something out of at least one of the talks by the General Relief Society presidency – this year I gained nada! I had more fun searching for members of my ward and ladies in the area singing in the choir. (I even saw a greeter that works at Walmart)

Then, President Uchtdorf got up. Things changed IMMEDIATELY. I seem to always get something from President Uchtdorf and his talk a few years ago really got to me. This year was seriously no different. From the first words out of his mouth I was hooked! It hit me so much that I started taking notes on my phone.

He based his talk around the flower – Forget Me Not.

These are the notes I took from his talk. But you can hear the whole talk here and I hope if you didn’t hear it you will take the 15 minutes to listen to it. You won’t regret it.

Forget Me Nots have 5 petals, so President Uchtdorf gave us 5 things to not forget…

Forget Not To Be Patient With Yourselves
– Part of our mortal experience is to have faults
– Stop punishing yourselves
– Be thankful for all the small accomplishment in your home
– God notices every small accomplishment
– The journey towards perfection is long

Forget Not The Difference Between Good Sacrifices And Not So Good Sacrifices
– Example: Getting up with a child in the middle of the night – good sacrifice, staying up all night finishing (can’t remember what he said) risking your health – not so good (I am so very guilty of this)
– Good question to ask yourself, “Am I commiting my time and energies to what matters most?”

Forget Not To Be Happy NOW!
– Think about Willy Wonka & Chocolate Factory – Everyone searching for a golden ticket that they forget the simple joy they used to find in a candy bar.
– Nothing’s wrong with righteous yearnings, problem is when we put our happiness on hold in search of those righteous yearnings.
– Don’t fail to notice your current blessings.
– Don’t spend your days waiting for the Roses that you miss the simple Forget Me Nots

Forget Not The WHY Of The Gospel
– Sometimes we see the gospel as a long list of to-do’s in our busy schedules
– The gospel is not an obligation, but a pathway
– When we understand the why of the gospel, and the why it’s the foundation of our lives – it’s no more a burden, but a delight.
– Seek out the majesty, beauty and joy of the gospel.

Forget Not That The Lord Loves YOU
– Even when you feel small and insignifigant, know now that you are NEVER FORGOTTEN!
– No matter how dark our days seem, no matter how small, insignifigant or overshadowed we feel in comparison with others – our Heavenly Father loves you. The king of EVERYTHING loves you.
– Man is crowned with glory and honor.
– Heavenly Father loves us because we are his DAUGHTERS.
– We are closer to Heaven than we suppose.
– Treasure your gift of membership in the gospel.

The Forget Me Not is a symbol of things small and great!
Never forget that you are precious daughters in Father’s kingdom.

All I can say is WOW! He touched on so many issues I’ve been struggling with for so very long. It was good to be reminded just how much we are loved and how we are always remembered. Even when the world doesn’t remember us – our HEAVENLY FATHER NEVER forgets us. NEVER! It was such a blessing to hear it.

After conference we headed back to my mom’s to change. I got to see my baby brother all ‘dressed up’ for his first High School dance. Some girl asked him to Homecoming and even though he acted like he didn’t want to go – his Facebook status proves he had fun.

We then headed to Leatherby’s for ice cream. There is a Cafe Rio right next to this Leatherby’s and because of how crowded the parking lot was, I ended up parking closer to Cafe Rio. So as my sister in law and I are passing Cafe Rio I see a lady that looks a lot like my cousins wife. Seated next to hear is a girl that looks like her daughter. I look across the table and see my aunt and cousin. So we go in and chat with them for a bit. It was so nice and we had a good conversation.

In the meantime my mom and sister had arrived at Leatherby’s and wondered where we were. We told them and they forgave us. We are getting seated and see an old Young Woman leader that I had. We say hi and talk for a minute.

We get seated across from a kid I knew in High School. I wasn’t sure he’d recognize me or even acknowledge me, but he did and he was so nice to say hi and then as he was leaving to say something to the effect of ‘it was good to see you.’ He’s always been a great guy and I should’ve given him more credit to begin with.

As we were starting to finish up I noticed one of my old friend’s husbands paying. I wasn’t sure if she was with him and I tried to be slow about leaving to see if she was. We were outside talking before we all went our separate ways, when this friend came out with her hubby. It was good to see her and we chatted for a minute.

She has a daughter with some sort of rare disability. I think at one time she was 1 of 3 in the whole state with it. Anyway to give you some sort of idea – this little girl is now 7 and is just barely learning to walk. So my friend was with another friend of theirs who has a daughter with disabilities as well and listening to them speak made my heart hurt. They are some awesome people with an amazing spirit. They understand why the Lord allowed their children to live in such an awful state and instead of being angry, they try to bring people around to understanding these sweet children. I’ve been in awe of my friend for years dealing with her sweet little girl.

I got home around 11 and was just so at peace and thankful for all I was blessed with in a day. It was good to have some socializing with other people and I’m thankful I have a mother who makes Women’s Conference an important get together every year! I’m also EXTREMELY greatful for a husband who supports me every year and watches his kids ALL DAY LONG without whining and complaining that he has to do so!

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