Weighty Wednesday

I am THE QUEEN of weekly entries gone bad, right? Well, hopefully this time will be different. I am going to start something called WEIGHTY WEDNESDAY!

WEIGHTY WEDNESDAY is going to be the day I ‘check-in’ with all my ‘doctors’. WEIGHTY WEDNESDAY will be my day of accountability. Let me explain more…

I’ve been unhappy with my weight for a number of years…probably 7 or more, but I’m the type of personality that doesn’t do anything about it. Never have. I didn’t have to worry about it for a long, long time and was blessed with fairly good genes for a teenage girl. Then I started having kids…and the weight just kept on coming – BECAUSE I never took charge over the weight gain.

I am hoping to change this. I am hoping that by ‘answering’ to someone other than family, it will give me the motivation to keep on going. I am hoping to lose 35 lbs. total. At first I thought I could accomplish that goal by December 20th. Then I realized how crazy that really is. So, I’ll go for dropping 10 – 15 lbs. by December 20th. After that we’ll set a new goal.

A lot of motivation to get this going now came from my Grandma’s death. She’d been overweight since I could remember. I remember when I was little she joined a Weight Watchers type thing called Tops. She lost quite a bit of weight then but she was still overweight at her passing.

Because she was overweight it caused quite a few of her health issues. She didn’t recover from surgeries as quickly and she wasn’t very active during her good periods. She also developed Diabetes from being overweight.

I don’t want to die an early death because I didn’t take care of my body the way I should’ve.

My biggest obstacles with this are going to be the fact that I love sweets and I tend to be an emotional eater. I wake up tired most mornings and there are days its hard to work-out.

This is how it’s going to work –

* Each week I will post 5 pictures….A last week photo from the side and front, a current week photo from the side and front and a picture of the scale, so you know I’m not fudging numbers.
* I will post about what exercises I did or didn’t do and for how long.
* I’ll let you know how I felt about what I ate during the week.
* I’ll then share my thoughts on what the current weeks weight is at.
* Finally I’ll post about obstacles/excuses that may have gotten in the way.

Now, I realize that today isn’t Wednesday (WHAT?!?!?!), but I wanted to get this started ASAP, so the first round won’t be a full week, but we’ll deal right?

Here’s week 1’s photos (right after working out in the morning….they are lovely pictures)….

Week 1 Starting Weight: 164lbs./167 lbs. (Okay, I kinda freaked this morning when I took this picture – the day before I only weighed 164 lbs. I then realized that yesterday I took the picture sans clothes, so when I did it today it was still 164 lbs. Therefore I will be posting both weights every day…)

Week 1 Exercises: Even though I knew I was going to start doing this (Even had Eric buy a scale for this purpose), I didn’t really do any form of exercise before today. Today I started strong with 20 minutes of Zumba and 25 minutes of Dance Central.

Week 1 Thoughts:
I’ve been living in some kind of dream world where I don’t realize just how ‘big’ I am. I’ve slowly come to the realization that I’m not as small as I think I should be. Shopping for clothes is depressing and it’s rare I find something I think I look good in. Time to change that now!

Week 1 Obstacles/Excuses:
I just didn’t want to take time to exercise. Nathaniel takes over the tv most mornings and there are times I just don’t want to fight him. He’s the meanest of kids when you take things like that away from him.

As for eating, I kind of ate what I wanted because I knew I’d have to change soon – and I’m scared to do so.

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4 thoughts on “Weighty Wednesday

  1. Lynette says:

    You can do it, Shilo!!! I have a book that has a wonderful suggestion for treats: save one day each week as your “free” day. Meaning, on that day, eat whatever you want. But the rest of the week stick to whatever meal plan you are doing. Over time, your body won't want all of the treats on that “free” day, but it's still there because truly we should be able to ENJOY food. The treats and the healthy stuff. I will never give up sweets. I enjoy them and I think they are created to be enjoyed. They'll never be healthy, but as long as I don't over-indulge (uhm….I don't count when I'm pregnant. So right now, I'm speaking about when I'm NOT pregnant! hahaha), I think it's fine to treat myself to a treat.

    Anyway, I don't know if what I've said is helpful or not, but I think it's pretty sensible. Don't totally deprive yourself of treats. Just limit it and you'll be a lot happier — I think! 🙂


  2. Diana Alm says:

    Wow. You sound committed Shilo! That is awesome! doTERRA has a GREAT cleanse to help jump start your body into cleaning out all the lvely crap we store =) Austin used it and lost 6 pounds within a week and a half. It was just cleaning him out of stuff he could not get out ever before even with all the healthy food and exercise he did. If you want info let me know…BUT ANYWAY I wish you luck and I think thats great. I always feel good after a good workout. We should combime forces sometime and do some zumba. Don't worry I look like a total weirdo doing it!!!


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