A Bientot

I have this brother (okay, yes, technically I have 4 brothers) that is just super amazingly talented. Anything he’s ever put his mind to he’s accomplished. With only a year or so of formal piano lessons he’s an awesome piano player – he’s great at sight reading music. He took French & Japanese in High School and learned both quite fluently. He is very intelligent and accomplished a lot education wise.

A year or so ago he told me he had applied for a job in Japan teaching English. Well he never heard anything which meant, of course, that he didn’t get it. Then a few months ago, my little sister told me that my brother was moving to France. I was shocked and was instantly curious as to why. When I talked with my brother he told me that he got a job teaching English to French high school students.

I was thrilled for him! He went after something and achieved it. I’m proud that he had the courage to do something so big. I am a super proud big sister – and truth be told, I am a teeny tiny bit jealous. I’ve always wanted to visit France. I’ll just have to settle for little trinkets he may see fit to send me.

So my brother hopped on a plane around 5 this morning. He is staying for a week in Washington, D.C. I’m not sure why – but then he’ll be headed to France. Because he was leaving so early this morning I took the kids to my Mom’s last night so we could say “goodbye”.

I’ll miss Devin for sure! He’s one of the brothers that will come play games with Eric and I. He’s super sweet with the kids and has a special bond with Shaylyn. I think of all the kids she’ll miss him the most. I’ll miss the beautiful piano music coming from the other room when we are visiting my Mom. I’ll just miss Devin. But I hope he gains A LOT from this experience and that he’ll find a new appreciation for family and life!

By the way – HE OWES ME BIG TIME!!! I was the one that introduced my family to French. Devin wouldn’t have taken French if it weren’t for me. I should get something in return for that, right? 😉

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